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The Bible is an intricate, spiritual jigsaw puzzle which tells a story that repeats itself. To transcend it is to depend solely upon the Holy Spirit. Here are a few pieces strung together through their symbolic meanings:

The world = the tangible = human rule (government, institutions, religions, financial, etc.) = Egypt = Sodom and Gomorrah = Babylon = apostate Jerusalem = playing the harlot (idol or self worship) = Greece = Rome = Edomite kings/corrupt priests and Sanhedrin = not worshiping in spirit and in truth (human intentions) = heresies and apostates (falling away) = divisions

We are to be holy (set apart): creation = line of Seth = Noah = Abraham, Isaac and Jacob = the circumcision of flesh (heart) = the Exodus = the testing in the wilderness = Commandments and the Law of Moses = the elders, the Levites, the priests, then the High Priest = impossible military victories = judges = kings (line of Judah) = remnants spared during times of judgment = John the Baptist = the Evangel = Jesus and His ministry (His Seed) = the Apostles (baptism of spirit and fire) = Gentiles prepared to receive the Seed = the elect = Paul = the Revelation of Jesus Christ

To where: The Promised Land = holy Jerusalem = Mt. Zion = Bridegroom/Bride = His will/our obedience = Jesus (the true head) and His Body = being reborn in His Spirit = the Kingdom of God (Heaven)

The key: His will/our obedience = Bridegroom/Bride = marriage = covenant = testament = pact = contract = legal agreement

The signature on the legal agreement: the animals killed by God to give Adam and Eve skins to cover their nakedness = the acceptance of Abel’s sacrifice = dying for your own sins = animal sacrifice = Jesus, the perfect sacrifice

Everything in the Scriptures must lead to Jesus

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