Thought Splatters (Duck!)

I don’t think the so-called Protestant Revolution went far enough. Jesus came to encourage us to go directly to Our Father and set the example, but I see man’s knowledge and beliefs getting in the way.

There is no perfect translation of the Bible into English, some better than others. Studying the original Greek text and the history of the times is a must. Where am I going to find an assembly that does this?

Although the adversary cannot read our minds, he can read our habits and hear our spoken prayers. His attacks increase as we grow closer to Our Father, another tool for our refinement.

Maybe the focus should be on whether we are on the narrow path with the Holy Spirit as our Guide. I am not worried about losing salvation; I am trying to get my spirit purified, a daily fight.

Every time the ones who speak the truth receives criticizes, the criticism assists in purifying them. This is yet another reason to take everything to the Father.

For a pastor to call himself the head is in fact not scriptural at all. At most they are caretakers of their fellow sheep (think sheep dogs) but for some reason what Jesus taught about the greatest among us being the servant of all, seems to have slipped by for the worldly wisdom and reward of the greatest being the most obeyed and honored.

People need to understand the difference between setting one’s self apart from the world and self-righteousness. People need to hand over their sensitivity to words to His Spirit or they will not endure the trouble creeping upon the world.

Jesus is my rest from this crazy world. In Him, I give up all desires for this place, for it is not my home. Thank you for breaking the chains that anchored me to the illusions of dirt.

Images are a distraction, made important in corporal men’s minds. All experience of our senses is dirt and dust, easily erased in an eye blink. The only image we should worry about is the spiritual one Jesus painted for us. Nothing has changed.

I have heard too many stories about people, who have contributed to their churches faithfully for years, being turned down for a little financial help. Maybe these institutions need to break up into small, more manageable groups to spread the Evangel. I cannot wait for Jesus to break apart this system so His children turn solely to Him and Him alone.

The problem is not with heavenly-minded people, but the religious-minded ones. One group wants to do the will of Our Father and stay in contact with Him in order to do it. The other, focuses on church, morality, and the appearance of godliness—the physical stuff alone—in the belief that is what Our Father wants.

OK, so the ultimate goal of out lives: to do the job we were created to do before we go home while being spiritually refined. If that is the case, then why is there so much focus on the here-and-now?

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