Finally, a Good Prophecy I Pray Comes to Pass

God’s Purpose for Islam

At a point in the near future, a group of Christians are going to stop about twenty miles outside of Mecca. They are going to ask for a meeting with the leaders there out in the desert. There will be a contest like the one on Mount Carmel except on a much larger scale, where the leaders of Islam will pray, then the Christians will pray. A large number of those on Hajj (approximately 300,000) will come out to see the contest. The Lord will display His power and the entire population of Mecca will accept Jesus as Lord.

The Gospel of John will be read from the Minarets in Mecca. Muslims all over the world will shortly thereafter turn to Christianity, and Islam will disappear in a day. The Lord allowed Islam to spread for the sole purpose of displaying His power. The fervent Muslims will become the most fervent Christian evangelists that the world has ever seen, and it will be those who complete the great commission. The thousand and a half years the enemy spent planning will all be undone in a day. The Lord allowed it to go on to show that He is God. And He used the enemy to spread people throughout the world that the Lord will use to be the most effective evangelists that the world has ever seen. ~Jeffrey Stewart

Oh Father, please let this be true! Let this be true! Oh, the glory and honor to You displayed will amaze the entire world. Please, let this be true!

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