Thought Splatters (Incoming!)

What I want to know is why are we not focusing on making sure every believer can hear from the Father directly? Why we are not encouraging people to seek His Guide alone and to make sure that spiritual connect is there? What good is repentance if we are not trying to transcend the flesh and soul to let the spirit have dominion?

There is a fine line between holiness and self-righteousness.

Many are called (the body of Christ prior to pruning) but few are chosen (the Bride, the marriage feast, the good branches on the Vine).

The best slaves are the ones who are given everything they think they want.

The closer to get to Jesus, the stranger you will become to non-believers.

Any godly wisdom I receive and give out comes from Him. To gain His wisdom, we must give ourselves over to Him.

From disciple (baby, student) to minister (servant, mature)…a few become prophets (warning of His judgments), apostles (starts worship/teaching assemblies), pastors (the sheepdogs who keep the wolves at bay; oversees the sheep and distribution of goods), evangelists (ones who spread the Good News), and teachers/preachers (feeding the babies milk; motherhood is a teaching position). The top-down structure of one on top is a man-made idea (Martin Luther screwed up there). We all have a job to do to advance the Kingdom.

The errors of the soul are the following:
False fire = emotionalism
Intellectualism = simple and incomplete to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit
Willpower = resistant to the changes Jesus tries to enact in one’s life

Disciple means a student of a discipline. What discipline are we to learn? Death to self (denying the flesh), crucifying self daily (subjugation of the soul), and doing what Jesus said and did while spreading the Gospel (the will of the Father through the Holy Spirit). The first two lead to spirit rebirth and staying in His hands.

I welcome serious discussion, but I am not in the mood to debate unless He gives me the words to continue. I did the endless debate thing years ago and got weary of the pointlessness of it. Now I realize the weariness came from Christ not being in it, just egos clashing. *yawn*

Demonstrated by their actions, very few actually trust His Guide to lead them. But, if you desire His truth, raw, sharp and pure, He will reveal it if you ask.

Staying in the wilderness, waiting for His children to “come out of her” as He directs His Body outside of man’s influence and control. One day, these churches will fall and scatter His sheep. They will have two choices: His will or the adversary’s. I pray most will join Him so we can become the Light on His Mountain.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Well written and full of truth! 🙂


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