Thought Splatters (Look Up!)

Did anyone notice that Jesus and His disciples did not offer any sacrifice in the Temple?

Those who seek comfort and peace in this world will be disappointed; those who seek Him and His Kingdom will be healed of the curse (Adam’s?).

We are to be about Our Father’s business (Luke 2:49), which is spiritual, not physical.

God within us causes holiness, not our doings of righteousness.

The Spirit of Christ is the head of His Body. If it is contrary to what the Head said, then it is dead. As Jesus, Moses, and the prophets have declared, “It is written.”

Why do we forget to ask Him how are we doing? Are we producing the 30-, 60-, or 100-fold increases He requires?

When was the last time you turned over your imagination to the Lord?

Dead to self…why is this command so hard for people to understand? You are supposed to die daily so His Living Spirit can expand inside, not look for ways to manipulate His will into your favor.

If you are looking for change, look to the Holy Spirit. That is His job, is it not? Just beware the result may not be what you want, but another tool of refinement.

You have been bought with a price. Your life is not your own. You are to be a slave to righteousness. Deal with it or move on….

A great test for sound doctrine: if it soothes the flesh and/or soul, then it should be questioned. Jesus came to soothe the spirit within, not the parts still attached to this existence.

I am pretty much done with listening to (specific preachers) personalities who preach; the message is the most important thing.

Sharpened, for being honed to a fine edge is arduous and painful, but rewarding in the result.

We cannot say in our hearts, “I will serve God in my own way; He knows my intent.” What He has for you to do may be totally different than what you think is best.

We cannot decide, “We can serve self and God.” Ancient Israel tried to do that. What was the result?

Trust nothing of what any man or group says. Don’t even trust your own mind. Ask the Father always.

I do not worship the Great I AM as a crutch. He had made Himself manifest to me; His Presence growing every year I have been alive. He is my Savior from nothingness, damnation, and the destructive nature of my flesh. Since I was alone in my yearning, to Him and Him alone I give praise for saving me.

Do people understand we will be worshiping (praising and serving) the Lord day and night in heaven?

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