By His Light I Walk, On His Path I Go

WARNING: These views are subject to change or enhancement!

A general overview of what I believe, probably missing something:

1. I believe in the absolute sovereignty of the Great I AM. Everything, good and bad, was, is, and will be sanctioned by Him. He holds this existence together for the refinement of the children He chose before creation.

2. Satan (the adversary) and his followers are tools the Father uses to purify His children. The being has no more power than what YHWH and His children allow.

3. I hate all religions, including Christianity and Judaism. Yeshua came to call His children into the Kingdom of His Father, which is spiritual Israel.

4. To love Him is to obey His supernatural will. Faith is what we do for Him, not what we perceive with our minds and hearts.

5. Yeshua set the example as to how true believers are to live. He gave up a normal life to serve His Father; we are called to be contrary to society at large. He became the final Lamb for our atonement; we are to give our entire lives over to Him for the price He paid.

6. Every true believer has one or more gifts (tools) of the Holy Spirit in order to complete the mission He created us to do.

7. I loathe labels and “-isms” because they try to restrict how God and His children function in the world.

8. As the Tabernacle and Temple were operational 24/7/365, I serve the Lord in heart, mind, words, and actions by His Guiding Spirit of Truth.

9. The Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth is a multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle that man will never fully grasp. I do not believe it is the word of God, because He Himself is the Word of God and a book cannot contain His majesty.

10. The only infallible Rabbi was Christ Jesus, never a mortal. Every human teacher has had errors, some more than others. This is why believers must seek His truth constantly and sincerely.

11. Studying history, ancient customs, idioms, and language is vital so the deeper meaning of Scripture comes to life.

12. Salvation is a life-long process, not a one-time incident (that is justification, which means to declare innocent).

13. The maturation and spiritual blood baptism (suffering for the cause of Christ) of the saints should be the goal of all believers.

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