Thought Splatters (Heads Up!)

The lead-up to the Battle of Jericho mirrors the seven trumpets in Revelation.

Rahab and her family being spared due to her oath with the spies reminds me of the remnant He always sets aside. Also, it foreshadows the Gentiles’ salvation.

What I have noticed about Scripture:
1. Everything done gives Yah the glory.
2. Everything has its purpose and it is usually symbolic.
3. There are layers of interpretation that should not conflict with each other.
4. That everything gets repeated on a larger scale.

Idolatry – to serve (focus on, indulge, love) what you see, what you perceive with the senses (the tangible) (Colossians 3:2).

Worship – to serve YHWH, servitude to YHWH.

Works – obedience to God’s will through His Holy Spirit.

Humility (meekness) – the complete absence of self in all we think, say, or do.

Praise – giving the Father compliments; reveling in the nature of God and His Kingdom.

Thanksgivings – thanking Our Father for His role in our lives.

Giving glory – celebrating of God and Jesus’ triumph over the adversary, the world and flesh.

Supplication – a petition to God in bold meekness.

Intercession – to speak to God on someone else’s behalf.

Name – authority, nature, character, cause, power.

Grace also means the ability (the blessing) to obey.

Animal sacrifice started with spilt blood and had to end with spilt blood.

Seeking the Lord’s help is an act of worship.

Lord, inspire someone to write a song called “Burn it on the altar; nail it to the cross!”

The assembly is not doing what Jesus said or did, making the power of the Evangel ineffective. If it did, the world would be in a better state. Did not our Savior say we could move mountains and plant trees in salt water? The Body is, but they are harder to spot without the Spirit’s help.

Don’t believe what anyone tells you; ask Him yourself. Seek Him for the truth in all things.

As a few who are aware of the times we live in have said, “This economic downturn may be a blessing in disguise.” How else can we separate the wheat (the born-again and ready to be birthed in spirit) from the tares (the willfully deceived among them) and get the chaff (the world and flesh) off the grain (the spotless Bride)?

The Evangel will not be finished until it has been proclaimed every corner of the world.

Does “keeping from profaning the Sabbath” mean to stay in His will and not our own under the new covenant?

Those who rely on religion want others to do the same in the hopes of avoiding the bad parts of His Walk (Galatians 6:12).

Previous examples of the man-child (Revelation 12) caught up to the throne and returned – Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jesus, and the apostle John.

Our Father does not like the term “Godhead.” He is not the part of a god or head of a god or gods, but the Great I AM WHO I AM. I very rarely ever used the word, but when I said it the image of Cerberus, the three-headed dog of Greek mythology, popped up.

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