Thought Splatters (Dive!)

You cannot obey God in your own way. Ask Him how He want you to serve Him.

Starve the flesh; feed the spirit. That is why we are supposed to fast (the body under subjection), pray (submission to the will of God, not wishing) and study the Bible (bread for the spirit).

My only saving attribute is that I try to keep You on my mind all day long. Without that much, I would be growing cold and confused again, would I not?

Fidelity is the active (not passive) loyalty to His rule. It is obedience to His Holy Spirit’s commands. It is staying true to Him no matter what happens. It is maintaining and increasing the spiritual connection with Him through worship, prayer, and obedience.

Anyone can do good things. Remember, the adversary can use good works for his purposes as well.

The Evangel will not be finished until it has reached every corner of the world.

The phrase “the word of the Lord” appears 334 times, but not in reference to the Scriptures (also called “the book of the Law of God” in the OT). What is “the word of the Lord” really?

Do not forget to give Him praise and glory at His feet. He is King; He deserves to be talked to while we are bowing, kneeling or lying prostrate.

We must be patient and understand that everything is for preparation for our real home after this one passes.

We are to be about Our Father’s business (Luke 2:49), which is spiritual controlling the physical.

The Book of Judges should be alternately called “Israel Gone Crazy.”

He wants you alone and to Himself, to draw closer to Him. He may have you tell His truth without other people’s interference.

Sometimes, He may send you to people or a place where you would least likely want to witness.

Why can we not take disagreements to the Lord, fast over it, and wait for His answer? Is it pride? Impatience? Forgetting He is sovereign? Doubt? Hidden disbelief? I just do not get it…

No rapture until AFTER the tribulation. Jesus said so in Matthew 24:29 and Mark 13:24. Pray and ask Him to reveal the truth to you!

I do not want to believe as anyone else believes, but as He directs me. Neither my salvation nor soul will be placed into human hands, institutions, or practices.

A short summary of Psalm 2: Some people who want to war against the Lord and His Christ. He tells them, “LOL! You think you can come against Me? Son, You will take care of these fools. Stupid leaders, you still want to come against Me? OK, bring it!”

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