Puzzling Passages Made Plain: The Bickering Harlots

While the story of the harlots (yes, they were prostitutes!) arguing over a baby (1 Kings 3:16-28) demonstrated the knowledge and wisdom of God operating through someone, its symbolism is overlooked. Why were prostitutes allowed to go before the king? Every part of Scripture reveals more than one purpose and here is the deeper meaning behind the tale:

Harlot – heresy (an incorrect opinion); which one was telling the truth (cares about what God thinks)?

Mother – instruction, nourishment; which one abdicated her responsibility (seeking and obeying the will of God as Y’shua taught in Matthew 6:33) and attempted to hide it (putting on an appearance)? See Romans 2:28-29.

Solomon – peace; YHWH Shalom (the Lord is my peace); the king represents God’s desire to bring order and peace. One of Y’shua’s names from Isaiah says He will be the Prince of Peace.

The two harlots being before the king – God deals with all. Jesus searched for the lost sheep of Israel and yet healed a few Gentiles along the way to show how far-reaching His Father’s mercy is.

A baby boy – a new covenant (agreement) – Moses, Samuel, Seth, Issac, and Jesus are the major examples of this symbol. In this story. Yah chooses who will get it. See Matthew 22:14, John 6:44, Revelation 17:14.

The dead baby boy – the rejection of Yah’s gift; the abortion of His given authority. See Proverbs 29:1, John 3:36, Acts 13:46, Acts 18:6.

Switching the babies – trying to get to Yah by other means. See John 10:1

The sword – the sword of truth divides flesh and soul to get into the heart; cutting away the influence of the flesh and soul (refinement)

The harlot who says kill the child – the spiritually dead or willfully immature

The harlot who says give the child to the other woman – death of self, self-sacrificing, humility

The judgment of Solomon to give the child to the one willing to give the child up – the Holy Spirit calling believers out of the world to become ambassadors of the Kingdom.

The moral of the story: He favors those who are willing to give up everything to follow Yah’s supernatural will. See Matthew 6:19-20, Matthew 19:21, Matthew 19:29, Mark 10:29-30, Luke 18:29

Praises to Him for hiding His Son’s future and present activities throughout all of Scripture.

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