Thought Splatters (Slosh!)

Degrees, writings, lectures, awards, popularity…none of that impresses me. Sit me before someone who is Spirit-led and goads others to be Spirit-led, then you will have my undivided attention.

If I have a choice between obeying either man or our Father, my Father’s desire rules all. If He tells me to break man’s law, then man’s law is forfeit.

I am not and never was a Protestant; He raised me to be a “spiritual virgin,” untainted by the religions of men. Like the disciples, true believers will come out of these churches and form the New Temple under His DIRECT instruction (follow the Lamb wherever He goes). His Body is a living organism; each part has a job to do by HIS DIRECTION, which is supernatural, not the good works of men’s minds.

The comprehension of what Yahshua’s taught is the key of David (authority with spiritual power) that binds and loosens (disallow and allow) what goes on in heaven (the spirit realm) and earth (the physical realm).

Did you know that Joshua in the Tanakh had a name change [Numbers 13:16]? His original name was Hosea, which means salvation, safety, or deliverance, while his new name was actually Jesus’ name, Yahshua, which means God saves (or rescues). I will have to revisit this when the Father shines more light on the subject.

When the Israelites examined an animal for sacrifice, they only could find the visible defects. This act symbolized two things: only God knew of the defects inside the animal (you and me) and our human effort (outside the Spirit) will never have that type of ability.

One of the greatest trials a believer faces is maintaining true servitude and discipleship during times of prosperity. Without His spiritual guidance, it cannot be done.

Remember the WWJD fad? So what would Jesus do? Easy, He consulted the Father!

If we burn the flesh on the altar and nail the will of the soul on the cross, what is left?

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