Mile Markers towards Maturity

Here are a few indicators. If you know of more, please list below. Your results may vary.

1. When one reaches a certain point, Bible reading and study can become meaningless for long stretches of time. Relax… This is when He wants to instruct you Himself. Let Him give you the knowledge and wisdom needed to get His Will done.

2. One day, certain Bible passages’ meanings become clearer without the intervention of anyone but the Spirit of Christ.

3. You don’t even think about blessings and promises, because you are too busy seeking and performing His supernatural direction, no matter what evil befalls you.

4. When you notice little things out of the ordinary that He does without being superstitious about (or dependent upon) them.

5. Whenever you have a moment in the middle of speaking, working, writing, etc., and you realize that the Spirit of the Lord has taken over. Recognizing this is a privilege for believers only.

6. While reading Scripture or observing His handiwork, you recognize the Father’s sense of humor and sarcasm.

7. Understand that anything, either a thought or idea, or anyone, including someone admired or honored, can become an idol.

8. When you sin or disobey a direct order, you do not get hung up on it. You learn from what happened, get clean, and move on. The fear of YHWH does not involve guilt or worry, but respect and longing to please the One Who created you and called you unto Himself. See 2 Samuel 6:9, Isaiah 6:5-8, Luke 5:1-11.

9. You no longer wonder if Yah cares about you because you recognize and take joy in His work through and around you, good and bad.

10. Celebrate freedom from the constant influence of the flesh and world, yet understanding you are His slave.

11. There is no such thing as “free will” under Christ’s blood (see the Law of the Kinsman Redeemer), which gives the glory (honor) of salvation to men. What we do have are what I call “moments of choice.” These moments serve two main functions: 1) to help us see our progress on the Way, and 2) realize how much we need Him. Remember, the covering of grace affords us the chance to learn what He wants. Even Christ Himself learned under grace (Luke 2:40).

12. Discernment sharpens to the point of finding God’s needle in a man-made haystack and move on. Sometimes the needle will find you—ouch—but that is a part of refinement.

13. Acknowledge our Father’s work in us and His Son in our actions.

14. Understanding how Torah operates in Spirit and truth.

15. Knowing when His Spirit inspires you to speak and when to stay quiet.

16. Noticing our Savior’s within others, including nonbelievers.

17. Embrace correction and ask for confirmation to be sure it is from Him.

18. Receive revelation directly from Him.

19. Able to follow His supernatural instructions even when they make no sense, seem weird or contrary. Sometimes it is not about the result, but the process of obedience. For example, being told to give money to a ministry you know teaches lies. This does not mean He condones that ministry, but He wants you simply to obey. Who knows? He may use the money to help one of the brethren still in there.

20. You will know when to move on, whether it is from a pastor, teacher, false or pointless doctrine, family member, friend, etc.

21. Understand the difference between lifestyle and being Spirit-led. At the start of our walk, changes in how we conduct ourselves are going to happen. The move from one step on the path to the next should lead us to greater dependence upon His Comforter and less on human effort or rules. Since each part of His Body has a different function (just like our natural bodies), our unity must come from operating in Spirit (the blood of Christ – His life flowing through all parts) and in truth (the brain – the head, which is Christ).

22. Rejoice in His brilliance, not just His works.

23. Permission to enter His Throne Room to worship and listen at His feet.

24. When an incident (or a recurring one) caused you learn or purge something from you and later you read about it in Scripture.

25. Moving from a spiritual child to a young (wo)man, and finally a father (adult). These are listed in 1 John 2:12-14.

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