Soaking – A Rant

The new religious practice of “soaking in the Spirit” has turned a part of being Spirit-led into a ritual. There is no set procedure for being before the Lord, only guidelines laid out in Scripture. Why must every move of the Holy Spirit be labeled, quantified, and institutionalized?

You cannot force His hand to your desire to be in His presence—that is something only He initiates. Do you want a quiet fellowship with Him? Simple, ask Him to wake you up between 3-6 in the AM. No distractions then, peaceful, silent and no music needed to get you in the mood. He has done that with me, but He started it; I despise being up that early.

No one needs to empty his or her mind to hear Him. I “heard” Him loud and clear when He pressed the words for this rant into me. My mind was elsewhere when the sentences hit.

Go here for more information: Soaking: A Doctrine of Demons?

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