Revelation at 5 in the A.M.

Our Father woke me up at 5a, desiring fellowship, of course. I, being slow to obey as usual, laid in bed for a few minutes until the printer rang downstairs (all the phone ringers are turned off). The familiar voice of the woman announcing school closures/delays filtered upstairs, as did the spouse, who sleeps mostly downstairs because the air there is less drying to the sinuses. A quick chitchat about what the message said led to me rising and spouse crawling into bed for the next 3 hours.

“I was already awake when it rang. Time for fellowship,” I said in the dark room.

Spouse yawned. “Fellowship?”

I began to walk away. “With the Father… you are usually not here when that happens.”

“I don’t think my presence is desired.”

Father did not like that.

He made me stop at the foot of the bed, turn, and say, “You said that you wanted to be given concrete orders like you had in the military. He is the Lord of hosts. Do you know what hosts means? Hosts is an army. What you are saying is that you want to be a [spiritual] puppet, not a child of God, an heir. That is what He has done.

“He is an abstract God. Don’t you see? Predestination and free will can co-exist at the same time. What we are to do is take everything we think we know and everything we are, place it on the altar and ask Him to burn up what is not of Him. Anything left over we can have. That is why the [Levitical] priests could eat the sacrifice.”

Spouse groaned in comprehension.

“That was the lesson of the sacrifice and nobody got it! Nobody! I only got it because I am connected to the Father (via the Holy Spirit, who delivers the Word, Jesus). He has been trying to reach you for decades. He is not going to force Himself upon you.”

“Did He force Himself on David?”

“David sought the Lord! David sought the Lord on nearly everything he did. When David did not seek the Lord’s will—that was when he screwed up. He screwed up when he did not go out to battle in the spring and his men re-enforced that decision. That led to him screwing up with Bathsheba; He did not seek the Lord on that either. And look at what happened [to David] because of this.

“David was a man after God’s own heart because he sought the Lord! Seek the Lord; it is the same thing I have been trying to tell you for years. Do you get it yet? And quit dismissing everything weird that happens as your imagination. If your imagination was so vivid as you say, you would not have to use the internet to keep it going.” I left the room… for fellowship and to type this exchange. The time on the clock was 8 after 5a.

My compliments to You, Father, Who delights in confounding the wise (or in this case, the know-it-alls) with the foolish and weak.

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