Our Heavenly Daddy Is So Funny!

This morning, the Father woke me up at 5:55a (5 is the number for grace; 5+5+5=15, 1+5=6, the number of man and beast). He usually just removes me out of the sleep state, but instead, He placed the two special rings of our phone’s intercom/pager feature into me. I use it a lot because it is better than yelling downstairs. He is probably dropping me a hint or two about something; I will get it later.

“Ha ha, very funny, Father. Thank You for Your continued presence in my life.” Slow to obey (old age?), I laid there for two more minutes before going downstairs. I told the spouse what the Lord had done, and added, “And people say God does not have a sense of humor.”

“That’s nice.” Spouse trudged upstairs, but paused for a second. “I never said He didn’t!”

The Joke’s on Me

The snip of life above is one of the many ways He interacts with me. Although serious much of the time, He likes to mix it up—keep me on my toes and interest piqued. He has flipped my words back on me, like once when my mind wandered during fellowship.

Yahshua’s gentle yet authoritative voice penetrated me. “Ha ha, very funny, love.”

*cringe* Oops…

There are times the Holy Spirit turned up His presence within to warn, “Uh, don’t go there,” or, “Not a good idea.” When I look back, I have to laugh at my own stupidity. My favorite is when the printer rings with back-to-back-to-back calls, interrupting whatever TV show I got going on in my head. I recall one number calling me 6-7 times in a row and the stranger talking to someone else when she was supposed to leave a message…that was crazy!

“OK, OK, I got it, Father. Sorry…”

Also, those awkward moments when what you had said to your children can be applied to yourself. Oh yeah, I am quite sure He chuckles when that happens.

He Delights, He Scoffs

I strongly recommend a word study on the different Hebrew words the English transmutators called delight. Trust me; you will be pleasantly surprised. One definition is dandle – playfully bouncing a baby or small child. Aww! See Isaiah 66:12. Yes, He wants to play with us and make us laugh on occasion. Why have children if you are not going to play with them? I fully admit one of the reasons I wanted children was to have someone play board games with me. This behavior makes rejoicing and giving Him glory during times of great stress easier, something to look forward to after the storm has passed.

Look at the fools who wanted to war with Yah in Psalm 2. All you can do is shake your head at them, but the Father gave them a derisive laugh. Most readers of Scripture miss the sarcasm and the sardonic wit that Father displayed. Who else could inspire heathens to make gold hemorrhoids in an attempt to appease Him [1 Samuel 6:4-17]? I spotted this one in my copy of the Tanahk and howled for a good fifteen minutes! Remember the Father knocking down and then breaking the statue of Dagon in 1 Samuel 5:1-5?

OK, to the overly-sensitive-to-crude-stuff, avert your eyes now. While on a financial news site some years ago, someone posted a phrase out of the Bible, “…your lovers are…hung like donkeys, and have the issue of horses.” WHAT? Nuh-uh… I had to look that one up. Ezekiel 23:20… Oh, snap! Father, why did You have to go there? LOL! There are worse ones, but I will leave those for you to discover on your own.

Like Father, like Son, Yahshua mixed sarcasm with compassion to get people to see the heart of a matter. Matthew 9:12, Mark 2:17, and Luke 5:31 mention Jesus calling Himself a physician to the one sick in the soul to the Pharisees. Pity the leaders did not get He was also talking about them (or maybe some did get it and wanted to kill Jesus all the more).

Luke 13:33 [Jesus said,] “Nevertheless, I must go on my way today and tomorrow and the day following, for it cannot be that a prophet should perish outside of Jerusalem.”

Here, Jesus alluded to the killing of the prophets and referring to His upcoming death at the wish of His people.

Matthew 23:24 Blind guides! You strain out a gnat yet swallow a camel!

Just LOL! Please, Jesus, do whatever You have to do to me to keep me from becoming a Pharisee. Keep my eyes wide open—no matter how painful it is to watch or look in a mirror.

Enjoy Him

Towards the end of the book Bone of His Bone: Going Beyond the Imitation of Christ by F. J. Huegel (a short, but very deep read), the author touched upon the saints who, even today, are praised for their life of suffering and dedication for the Evangel. Yes, He can ask us to travail and groan over the troubles of the world, to weep for the lost and deceived. I have done that, but we need a balance so we do not lose our minds, especially if we have children. Do not be afraid to laugh with Him, at ourselves. We can have fun serving Him under His guidance—one of the freedoms He gives us. Do not let anyone take your joy of Him away.

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