Body Parts

During a Bible study, I described the huge plant that came from the tiny mustard seed as the Body, “I am the Vine (the seed) and you are the branches (the growth).” Someone else said the church and gave praise to the over 1 billion people who say Jesus is my Savior. The minister agreed with that.

Wait… I thought people used the terms Body and church interchangeably. These two focused on the system and its growth being what Jesus wanted. If that were true, then why is the world growing increasingly wicked? Why have all these factions (denominations)?

Missing Parts?

Yeshua told me there is a connection between 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4:11:

Christ – the brain
Apostles – right hand
Prophets – left hand
Evangelists – the heart
Pastors – right foot
Teachers – left foot
Each person’s service – the rest of His Body

This means believers are a part of an organic, living Body, not a system or place. From this model, the pastors (shepherds) and teachers support the Body and propel it forward on His Path. The apostles and prophets perform His Actions on the Body and in the world. The evangelists keep fresh lives moving throughout His Body as quickly as He makes them. Notice, the division into 7 main parts—7 being the number of spiritual perfection or completion.

Now who works for whom?
Where does it say the elders are the head?
Where does it say the pastor/minister/priest/etc. is the head?
How many assemblies are actually “crippled” and not even know it?
Where does it say a building is the “house (family) of the Lord” anymore?
Are the Bible, the church system, and man-made doctrines the crutches keeping it from toppling over?

Is it any wonder unbelievers turn their noses up at it?

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