Why Is That Song in My Head?

While working on a massive post, Yeshua saw fit to give me something else to post. This one cracked me up because it is just so… odd. How can anybody not love Him? LOL! Enjoy!

Have you ever been simply doing whatever it is you had to do, and, out of nowhere, a song you had not heard in years, secular or religious, just popped into your head… and will not go away? Or, even more annoying, when you start singing or humming the thing and you cannot stop. We usually dismiss it as a brain fart, but what if there was something more we were supposed to notice?

From 2005 to now, I have been living mostly music-free (some classical and jazz for the children)—too busy researching and the majority of secular and religious tunes has been grating my nerves since 2000. Why, in 2009, did the refrain and ending chant of Chaka Khan’s Through the Fire start coming out of my mouth while checking out a conspiracy website? After a couple of rounds out of my mouth and another in my head, I stopped what I was doing to analyze the words. “Oh, those parts are like my relationship with Christ.” Silence… Message received, or so I thought.

Nope, it returned often for over a year. I just shrugged it off, sticking with my first analysis, seeing it as a reminder. One day, when my family was out, I was listening to Henry Gruver’s prophecy about nuclear disaster coming to the US. Gruver mentioned the Lord asking him if he could deal with losing everything, including his wife and children. That part stuck with me for a long time. Afterwards, I had lain down to nap and kept thinking, “Can I do that? Can I give up everything, even the family I had desired and received, to follow Him?” I burst into tears and slid onto my knees. Everything physical goes on the altar to be burned; everything intangible gets nailed to the cross. “Let Your will be done. Let Your will be done. Let Your will be done…”

The refrain and ending chant never returned unless I actively think on it.

I had an attack of nostalgia in 2011 and ended up watching hours of music videos from the 1960s through 2003 for several days. It wrapped up with my favorite scene from the movie, The Color Purple (God’s Trying to Tell Your Something). When I went to sleep that night, the refrain, “Lord’s trying to tell you something” ripped through my chest and ears. I awoke with a slight shock; it was so loud. I asked, yet too lazy to get up, “What is it? You servant is listening.” Nothing… I went back to sleep.

In 2012, I had another episode of looking back at old videos, which He halted. “Enough of that.” Not long after, I heard a sermon by Gary C. Price warning us about going down memory lane. Uh-oh… I forgot about those the following year and the Father used the spouse to thwart that one (unbeknownst to spouse). Yeah, slow on the intake, but I got the message: don’t make this a habit; leave the past in the past unless it is a testimony.

A month ago, two days prior to Bible study night, the chorus from Show Me by The Cover Girls started to randomly pop up. Ugh! It kept nagging at me during the drive to the study. “Argh, why is this stupid song playing in my head?” It stopped for good when I pulled into the parking lot. I will admit this “church system” assignment frustrates me, tempting me to skip out altogether. Of course, I got the message on the drive back home: to love Him is to obey Him, no matter what. Well, this is better than walking around barefoot and naked for 3 years or eating bread cooked over dried cow patties.

The Lord showed me another angle this morning. Remember, if you are dead to self, getting offended is no long an issue for you unless you sense He is offended. When the Lord does speak to you through a song of any kind, that does not mean He wants you to use it in worship. There are plenty of YouTube vids showing choirs using secular songs or styles during service—big mistake. This falls into the category of religious activity not ordained by Yah, but FOR YOU ALONE. Just because He inspired you through a tune does not mean it is for everyone. This is why, once again, it is imperative for believers to hear Yeshua for themselves and see the Father at work.

I do not believe in coincidence or random happenings for no reason on this Walk, so this may be a little head’s-up for someone out there.

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