The Best Bread

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who had so many allergies, he could not partake of communion. He, being young, did not have a care, but the adults determined he had to participate in some way. “Gluten-free wafers,” one suggested, and yet another, “Look, rice crackers!”

The mother sighed. “Nay, his problems are too numerous, illnesses too great.” She smiled at their kindness. “Fear not, the Father in heaven is giving my child the best bread of all—Jesus, the Manna that never spoils, the unleavened Bread of Life. The Holy Spirit feeds this Bread to his little spirit by the reading and interpretation of Scripture, examples of the Messiah’s work occurring all around us, His inspiration to him via prayers, and the love of those close to him. If there is a lesson to be learnt by a child such as this, it is the understanding that ritual is not what is important, but that the nourishment of soul and spirit, the true meaning of imbibing the bread and wine, is paramount.”

The End

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