YHWH Will Remain Forever Mysterious

Trying to know and understand Father Yah completely from the soulish (mental) position will fail. The human mind is too puny to contain His Majesty. That is why we only “…know in part and… prophesy in part…” and why He spreads His Knowledge to various people (so-called niche anointings, for example).

To worship (serve) Him requires us to ask Him what He wants and not assume we know what He wants. Yahshua said He only does what He saw the Father doing (John 5:19-20); we must do the same. As we serve Him, we, in turn, will learn more about Him.

The Father is Spirit; therefore, His followers can only know Him in (or rather by) spirit and truth, just as Yahshua said in John 4:24. In other words, the spirit will get to know Him better than the soul. Sorry, soul (mind and heart), but you will never know all you think you need to know about Yah. Rest in that knowledge; ask Him to purge you of that desire.

The knowledge we should seek—the reason He created us and how to fulfill it. We will be judged according to how well we have accomplished what is written in our scrolls—what was planned before our creation.

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