Father Corrected Me

I had been running into teachings about Israel having multiple messiahs (anointed ones) and a theory about two Messiahs (a servant who will die for Israel, as the other saves Israel from the Gentiles). When I woke up this morning, I praised Yahshua, “the Mashiach of Mashiachs.”

The response came while drifting back to sleep—verbal and visual, “Mashiyim.”

Now wake, I did a search for confirmation. For Mashiyim, Spanish sites appeared along with the word mashitim, the plural of mashit, or destroyer. Mashiim gave me Japanese sites, lol. Psalm 105:15 uses משׁיחו mashechu, as the plural. I will go with the one He gave me, but the rest is yet another confirmation that I need to learn Hebrew, not just study it.

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