Thought Splatters: (Ploink!)

When you cannot relate, listen and learn.

Believers saying “I can’t” over minor things is one of the reasons we are losing power and influence in the world.

You cannot put Yah in a box. You put yourself in a box, and He deals with you in your self-imposed limitations of His supernatural Will.

The Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4-5), the Songs of Miriam and Moses (Exodus 15:1-18), Moses (Deuteromony 32:1-43), David (2 Samuel 22:2-51), and the Lamb (Revelation 15:2-4) need to be recited often until the words become a part of you.

We need to start being “a lamp unto His feet” (demonstrations of His active will and love) instead of worrying about other people’s lamps.

You don’t need the Kabbalah, or any extra-Biblical books to learn the hidden or deep things of the Father (although I am not against reading them). The Holy Spirit, the Bible, prayer with praise, willingness to be corrected, and striving for self-decency will cause them to be released to you.

Always remember, this current existence is our crucible of refinement.

Make it a habit to recognize our Creator’s work in you, around you, through you, and in others. Praise and thank Him for this.

When you ask for a change in your personality (like Solomon did), expect hardship and encouragement to mold you. Hardship will teach (or force) you to change; encouragement will reinforce you are on the right path.

In choosing to deal with the supernatural, you must accept dealing with the positive and negative aspects of it.

Are the fruit of the Spirit a result of using all three of the categories for the gifts of the Spirit?

Praise before you petition Him; the more you praise, the better the outcome and pushes the adversary and his minions out of the way.

Get your own revelation from Father Yah. He still speaks. He still acts. He still directs.

Having troubles keeps us aware and seeking after the Lord. It is when we are uncomfortable the Lord does his best work because we are the most open to Him.

We have to “wash in the water of the Word” [Ephesians 5:26, Ezekiel 16:9, Ezekiel 36:25, Zechariah 13:1, Psalm 51:7, Isaiah 1:18] (read, ponder, and pray over Scripture; recognize His voice and works) to cleanse us and help keep us clean.

When the purging of the House of the Lord comes (1 Peter 4:17), I pray that those reading this blog will be of the remnant, keeping the others encouraged and informed. Amen.

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