Thought Splatters: (Whomp!)

“Do as I say, not as I do” guarantees rebellion or resentment.

I wish the English translators would have not turned hevel (smoke, vapor) into futility or vanity within Ecclesiastes. It matches better with 1 Corinthians 3:12-13.

Everything is worship! Everything we do, say, or even think is worship either for or against Yah and His established order. Reject anyone who says otherwise, or justifies sin by saying, “That was in the past,” or “That was from pagan worship.” See Numbers 15:30, 1 Timothy 2:4, Hebrews 10:26.

All forms of sex outside of the marriage covenant are worship of (faithfulness to) the tangible (the physical, the world, this existence). Adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, and bestiality are abominations because they are completely outside of the Creator’s established order, caused (and encouraged) by the corruption from Adam’s sin. Everything outside of His perfect order is what we each must fight and resist on a personal level daily.

Things we do and experience in life can be symbolic, demonstrating the effect we have on our environment (or what the environment does to us). For example, restless sleep or insomnia can indicate something is off with our spiritual walk.

Abraham and Sarah had their names changed, Yah adding the “breath of lives” (hey, ה) in them. Isaac and Rebekah kept their names, both having the k-sound (kouf, ק) in them. I wonder why? Is it because they stayed put, while Abraham and Sarah (and Jacob/Israel and his family) traveled?

Eve could have been saved or forgiven if Adam hadn’t sinned. The proof: Numbers 30.

When I read the OT, I see a Father frustrated with His children, not the ogre some people read into the text. Israel made an oath to YHWH. Since He is the Creator, why can’t He establish how His creation should be ordered?

Why are people compared over 3000 years of the OT to the less than a century of the NT as far as to how Yah operated in Scripture? All the NT does is summarize and clarify what the Father wanted all along. There is still much we need to learn from the OT

As in the physical, there is a spiritual component. There is such a thing as spiritual mental illness. For example, I have listened to a former Orthodox Christian describe Our Creator as a minor god who was kicked out of the pantheon of gods. Lord, please help that person.

Reading the Bible is a part of doing His Will. Whenever we read it, it become a part of us, giving fuel the Holy Spirit can use in us, since church service can only do so much. If you do not read and listen to the Word in totality, you give little for the Holy Spirit to work with.

Anointings get recycled, not souls or spirits.

I hate the term sin nature. It demotes sin (missing the mark, an offense) into an adjective, a mere modifier, weakening its role as an active noun and powerful verb. Let’s call it what it really is—corruption. This entire plane of existence is corrupt, but the order He established still works, still gives us hope of it being corrected.

The Bible should be honored as the written Word; a Bible version should not. It is idolatry. All versions, including the ones in Hebrew, on this corrupt plane of existence are flawed. Only the Inspiration Himself is unadulterated. He is our Unleavened Bread. Seek Him constantly. Amen.

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