He Wants Us

He wants us naked so He can clothe us.

He wants us poor so He can enrich us.

He wants us broken before Him so He can strengthen us

He wants us to ask of things that will give Him glory.

He wants us to deny our flesh to become more like His Son.

He wants us to sacrifice self daily so He can draw us closer to Him.

He wants us to see things as He does, not as the world does.

He wants us as children before Him so He can teach us.

He wants us to bury His Word deep within us so we can transcend flesh and soul.

He wants us to fear Him, not death, destruction, desolation, or destitution.

He wants us under His wings, within the cleft of His Rock for protection.

He wants us to trust in Him, for there is no agape without it.

He wants us to follow Him for there is no other way to everlasting life.

He wants us to copy Him so His Will shall be done.

He wants us all so much, but do we really want Him?

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4 Responses to He Wants Us

  1. Yvette says:

    Good stuff. I really benefited from thinking deeply about the first three. The whole poem is saying “God is good and He is for us.” I’ve been reflecting on this this one — that He wants us to see things as He does, not as the world does — is HUGE. I think it’s key to how we practice love. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Thanks for the feedback. This literally flowed out of me back in 2013. I forgot to post it. Oops…

    The last line got me the most. It begs the question: are we to become obsessed with the Lord, so much so that we look weird to the world? Maybe that is what “peculiar” means from 1 Pet 2:9.


  3. Alicia W says:

    Wisdom! Thank you!


  4. Marianne says:

    Very beautiful thoughts. Thank you.


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