Who Has My Ear at the Moment?

There are a few who will cause me to stop what I am doing online and listen. Here they are…

The one above my spiritual level: John Fenn – website: Church Without Walls International, YouTube: SuperHouseChurch

This one deeply analyzes Scripture, the Hebrew, and applies it: Huldah Shlomit – website: Her Royal Roots, YouTube, Facebook

Thinking outside of the box called religion: Arthur Burk – website: Sapphire Leadership Group, YouTube, Vimeo

Someone who analyzes the precision and depth of Scripture: John Kostik – website: Facebook, YouTube: John Kostik

My favorite rabbi: Kirt Schneider – website: Discovering the Jewish Jesus, YouTube:  Discovering the Jewish Jesus with Rabbi Schneider, Facebook

One who examines ancient Christianity and Dead Sea Scrolls: Ken Johnson – website: BibleFacts, YouTube: Ken Johnson, Facebook

Application of Biblical principles is the focus: Kevin L A Ewing – website: Journey into God’s Word, YouTube, Facebook

A ministry to the poor and afflicted Jews in Somalia and Israel: Jonathan Bernis – website: Jewish Voice, YouTube, Facebook

Warriors in the midst of spiritual warfare: Hardcore Christianity, YouTube, Facebook

Basic, yet detailed Biblical knowledge: Loveland Christian Church, YouTube, Facebook

Supplemental Scriptural information: The Bible Project and its website, Facebook

My favorite synagogue: Beth Messiah Congregation, YouTube, Facebook

The first one I noticed who sees the machinations of Yah’s operation: Earl Clampett – website: Simple Truth Ministries, YouTube, Tree of Life Live from San Diego

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