Thought Splatters – Tap-tap

Those operating from the flesh struggle to see the works of the Spirit.
Those operating from the soul see His natural order but want miracles.
Those operating from the spirit see His supernatural work every day.

The more one studies Biblical Hebrew, the more one will see Scripture in other languages as paraphrases, rather than translations.

Only Yah can turn tares into wheat.

Rejoice in the Lord = I enjoy serving the Lord. Announce, sing or shout your enjoyment of the Lord’s Order, Will, Purpose, and Desire being fulfill around us, in us, through us, through others, through things, through places. Declare your joy even within the midst of sorrow. May we all learn to enjoy serving Him.

Obedience should become a habit over time. Through the Spirit’s assistance and encouragement, the desire to fulfill His Will should be the result.

I can see why some who believe in the pretribulation rapture are also cessationists. To survive that time, it will take those gifts plus miracles on the level of the Exodus and the book of Acts.

Always remember, the adversary’s main job is to distract you from fulfilling Yah’s Will and Purpose for Everyone’s benefit.

When was the last time you have praised the Father whilst in either pain or trouble?

Is there is a link between the supernatural gifts of the Spirit and persecution? Do the gifts increase during times of trouble?

Worship is not about what you get out of it, but what you put into it for the Lord’s and others’ sake.

The tithing of time – With 24 hours in a day, a tenth of that is 2.4 hours. Shouldn’t that be the minimum we devote to prayer and worship each day?

To avoid cliquish behavior, talk to a wide variety of people in any public setting. The Father made a variety of people, and everyone has a story to tell for those willing to listen.

The more one reads, listens to, quotes and studies Scripture, the more Scripture turns into a mental filter, weeding out the false and accepting His knowledge via the Holy Spirit.

The Lord’s greatest power: mercy in love. Why else would He allow us, an irritant to His Holiness, to exist?

Please, please, please, do not put restrictions on anything Yah can do in your life. Everything He has done in Scripture is possible today. Everything in Scripture He has done He can still do through you and others. Your belief and behavior dictates how He treats you.

What is He doing or allowing in your life to drive you to prayer? That means you need to increase both praise and prayer each day.

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