Thought Splatters – Whoosh!

Without love, the other 8 fruits of the Spirit will not work.

The reasons Yah does not give us clear and definite answers are to 1) hide His purpose from the enemy, and 2) encourage us seek Him for clarification (and train us to wait upon Him). Dreams, visions, words received spiritually, and supernatural events should cause us to seek the Father all the more.

Not only did Adam’s sin give the adversary and his minions dominion over Earth (Luke 4:5-8), but the corruption that followed became another tool the Lord uses to refine us.

Hebrews 7 states that Torah could not make us perfect. Well, of course not since its application is based on human efforts within a faulty framework. Humans are corrupt and egotistical. Torah was a starting point to transition the Israelites out of the slave mentality.

Keep testing and trying me, oh Father of All. The fire of living is hot, but through You, I will endure.

This is a war. Mankind is the battlefield and the prize. The target: your mind/heart.

I am obsessed with YHWH, but I still get distracted by the world and make mistakes.

I weary of those seeking man-made peace (peace= no conflict = comfortable = lukewarm) when they must stand their ground and fight alongside Our Savior and King.

Joshua, the son of Nun, seems like what Yahshua would be like if He were flawed like us.

Etch this into your brains: Your flesh is enemy number #1, not the adversary, the world, or other people. Train your souls to be contrary to the flesh, to choose the Spirit every chance you get. If you are not sure, ask the Father; watch and wait for the answer.

Make sure, on a daily basis, that you are not being used as a tool for the adversary.

It is not about what you get out of a place of worship, but what you contribute to a body of believers.

The Bible is a puzzle loaded with clues. If you apply those clues, it will come to life in your life.

Why did they wave two loaves of bread during the wave offering? The two parts of the Ten Commandments (first 4 concerning Yah, the last 6 concerning men’s treatment of one another); the Jew and Gentile coming before Him. –Rabbi Jason Sobel

The leavened bread of the peace or freewill offering – our words to Him and others, although not perfect as His Word (the Unleavened Bread, the Bread of Life) because of our plane of existence.

The unleavened Showbread (the Bread of the Presence) was to always be in the Holy Place—The Father is always wanting to feed us His Word. Amen.

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