Thought Splatters – Tink!

If Yah gave you a direct verbal command and you disobey, that is rebellion, an insult to the God Most High. Avoid that at all costs. Repent (apologize and change your mind) quick, when you do.

I feel like I need to pray a lot more to make up for other believers not praying, so best get to praying, huh?

In areas where the Bible is silent, that is the Holy Spirit’s domain. Everyone’s walk towards the Father is unique. Let Him guide your steps.

Yahshua said, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” He was reminding us that He, while in this weak flesh, remembered heaven, the Father’s Throne.

I would rather deal with external issues (e.g., car trouble, people being crappy) than internal ones (e.g., mental illness, bad health). I will try to remind myself of my blessings before I start whining to either Him or another human.

When you attempt to manipulate people into how you want then to be, that is a form of “playing God.” Don’t do it. Remember Moses. Check your motives with Yah.

Yahshua’s teachings were corrective, expansive, and a transition from relying on our own works through Torah to being Spirit-led. His blood sealed the deal.

Helping people does not a relationship make; listening does.

If you want love, be loving, yet expect little-to-nothing back. This is how God deals with mankind.

Shalom to me is a continuous balance between what we are to do and what Father Yah does. Him giving us His shalom is a gift of His Will resetting our lives, as He did with Phinehas.

Although prayers written and said within our heads are valid in certain situations, the power is in the spoken word, as it was in the beginning.

Sound is a substance. Therefore the sound of creation came from the substance of the Creator.

Some prophets were not considered prophets until years after their deaths. Jeremiah, to a certain extent, and the minor prophets come to mind.

“Set your head like flint.” = determination. This came to mind just this morning.

One day, those lax in their Scriptural studies and seeking His revelation will regret not doing so.

If you are having trouble praying, read the Scripture aloud—in particular, the Psalms. You can even personalize the verses to sound as if they are coming from you, rather than the original writer. Quite a few Scriptural writers did that very thing. May He continue to get the glory. Amen.

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