Thought Splatters (Watch Out!)

Fidelity is the active (not passive) loyalty to His rule. It is obedience to His Holy Spirit’s commands. It is staying true to Him no matter what happens. It is maintaining the spiritual connection with Him through worship, prayer, and obedience.

Rejection is the bitter fruit of self-love.

We are not supposed to stay disciples for the rest of our lives. Are we not called to be servants (ministers) of Christ and His Body?

One thing the Protestants got right is letting the Bible interpret itself. Unfortunately, many went too far and injected human logic, causing millions to become deceived.

Yeshua cannot be your Savior if you have not made Him Lord over your life. No Lordship = no power = no true faith.

It is all about His Kingdom being advanced, not human endeavors to fix the world for Him.

Free will disappears when you are in bondage to Him; His will becomes your desire over time. If you are obedient to His will for you alone, you will be blessed. Over time, you will not care much about blessings but getting closer to Him and advancing His Kingdom under His direction.

Is the “word of the Lord” coming upon someone in the OT the Holy Spirit? Does getting a word from Him set one apart or does doing what He asked the real key?

Shouldn’t we ask Jesus to write His law and will on our hearts? If so, how often? As we die to self daily?

All music sales are down, some genres more than others. People are getting tired of the poor quality, repetition, hidden agendas, forced publicity becoming mainstream news, etc. present in many areas of entertainment. May more people free their minds from the distraction called enter-train-ment.

Has anyone noticed the growing amount of para-military themes present in entertainment today? Why is the “dancing soldier” so popular for pop concert performances? How many more cop (or civil servant) shows do we need? This has been going on for many years, but now, they have decided to brag about it. Wake up…

When I had to take someone to court, the seating arrangement surprised me—church pews, the back sloped forward 15°. It did not bother me until I had to sit on one. What an obvious psychological ploy! I object to the way pews are set up in these churches. Everybody packed like canned sardines and little room to prostrate as the Spirit directs.

Why do people do what God did not call them to do with the excuse of honoring Him? He knows what He wants so ask Him how He wants it done.

My main criteria for listening to anyone who claims to be a teacher ordained by the Most High is taking everything back to Him and His will, giving Him genuine praise and glory constantly, and the subjugation of flesh/uplifting of spirit.

The flesh and soul (mind, heart, willpower) view things contrary to it as evil, but that is not how He views such events. Beware, wickedness hides in attractive packages others have opened before.

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