But Because…

Laying up my treasures in heaven
Not for my reward
But because it makes You smile.

Feeding stomachs, souls, and spirits
Not for my glory
But because it is Your will being done.

Sowing the seeds of the Gospels
Not for blessings
But because it is a joyful duty.

Praying before and after trying events
Not to keep patience
But to thank You for Yours towards me.

Depending upon You more each day
Not as a crutch
But because of the freedom within Your power.

Seeing the deeper layers in Scripture
Not because someone taught me
But because You Yourself showed me.

Giving You all hopes, dreams and wishes
Not for fulfillment
But because I desire Your will above all.

Sending my will and flesh to the cross
Not for hatred of life
But because You strengthen my spirit.

Praising the Merciful One day and night
Not as requirement
But because I love You. Amen.

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