Rough Insight

For some inexplicable reason, I have had a drought of word flow, just trickles here and there, but not enough for a posting. There is a list of over a hundred topics I can draw from, so that is not the problem. The impression I get is the lack of personal and familiar growth writings. I really hate writing about myself but when He says to do so, I will…

Well, actually, I hate writing, period. Setting aside a few hours for phone call or a visit is a welcomed event. One-on-one situations are my favorite means of interaction, since that is what I do with the Father anyway.

Of course, delaying the command just makes it harder to perform it. Which I am doing right now. Time to stop stalling and move on. And improve my grammar.

Praises to Him filled my head upon waking Saturday. Such a rare thing… I love when it happens! As I knelt by the bed, speaking the words aloud, moving glimpses of ancient times appeared in my mind:

1. Bodies dressed in dull-colored robes were underground, breaking and passing around pieces of flatbread and a cup of water. I could not see above the waist area.

2. One at a time, they left a hole in the hard, dusty ground in broad daylight.

How odd… I had jotted down some lines about the breaking of the bread Friday for a future article. Other times this has happened, I received a deeper grasp about a topic I had mulled over recently. This has gone beyond the uncanny timing of confirmation and extra info from outside sources. The amount of dreams from Him fell off a cliff, but the insight He has given me feels like an even greater gift. Should I write about those more?

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