Thought Splatters – Be Wary!

Did anyone notice the similarities and foreshadowed contrasts between Hannah and Mary’s situations?

To truly honor Mary, we must do as she did—become a vessel of honor always ready for the Master to use (2 Timothy 2:20-21, Romans 9:20-22).

Are you still trying to appease Yah through religion and good works, or seeking His supernatural direction and doing it?

Ponder and rejoice in the brilliance of the Father’s ways; the connecting intricacies of the symbols and stories in Scripture will never be completely discovered by man or the adversary.

Believe it or not, the translators got bored and weary plus had their own agendas, leading to mistakes, weird word choices, multiple synonym used, and self-righteous alterations. They also did not comprehend everything they wrote (like the scribes in Yeshua’s day), which caused some meanings to be lost (and rediscovered). Praise You, Father, that You hide things from those who rely on their own intellect or the knowledge of men and reveal them to the unschooled and the humbled vessels.

The flesh and the carnal are not evil for He said His creation was good. The purpose of refinement comes through how, through His will, we handle being in this existence.

The gifts of the Spirit are the tools used to produce the fruits of the Spirit. The fruits are needed to feed (raise up) the maturing ones in Christ.

Do people into religion ever wonder if God get bored or annoyed with their works, practices, and rituals? Do they ever let Him lead them the way He wants to worship or service? Do they ever ask Him what He wants?

Every time in Scripture we see someone taken to His Throne, they return with a lesson for believers. The Man-child in Revelation taken to His Throne by Him symbolizes the people He is now and will be training outside of man’s religious system (the woman, the man-child’s mother, represents the church).

Notice that during the ancient Passover they placed (Christ’s actions/teaching) the lamb’s blood (Christ’s life/sacrifice) on the doorposts (the ears) and the lintel (the eyes/mind).

Remember always to take everything to the Lord in prayer and wait for the answer.

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