Catechize Time! Part Four – Bible

Q: What is a bible?
A: A collection of related books

Q: How many parts?
A: Old and New Testaments

Q: What is the first book?
A: Genesis

Q: What is the last book?
A: Revelation

Q: How many books?
A: 66

Q: How many books are on the OT?
A: 39

Q: How many books are in the NT?
A: 27

Q: What is the Hebrew Bible called?
A: The Tanahk

Q: Where is Torah found?
A: The Pentateuch – the first five books of the Bible

Q: Who wrote the Pentateuch?
A: Moses

Q: Which is the oldest book?
A: Job

Q: What is the last book of the OT?
A: Malachi

Q: What is first book of the NT?
A: Matthew

Q: What are the four Gospels?
A: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Q: What book did Jesus quote from the most?
A: Deuteronomy

Q: How many laws are in Torah?
A: 613

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