Catechize Time! Part Two – Concepts

Q: Why were we created?
A: To glorify God

Q: How do we give Him glory?
A: Obeying and worshiping Him

Q: Why do we worship and obey Him?
A: To mold us into the image of His Son

Q: What are the results?
A: To love and reign with Him as a part of His family

Q: What is Sabbath (Shabbat)?
A: Rest; from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday

Q: What is the spiritual Sabbath?
A: Ceasing from your own works and doing only what God commands

Q: What is salvation?
A: The lifelong process of being prepared for the next creation

Q: What are the 3 parts of salvation?
A: Justification, sanctification, and glorification

Q: What is “justify”?
A: To declare innocent by Jesus’ blood sacrifice

Q: What is “redeem”?
A: To pay a ransom

Q: What is a ransom?
A: A price a relative pays to free someone into his authority

Q: What is “sanctify”?
A: To make holy

Q: What is glorification?
A: Receiving our glorified bodies and meeting the Father face-to-face

Q: What is regeneration?
A: The process in which the Holy Spirit transforms us into the image of Jesus

Q: What is refinement?
A: The trials and troubles of life which purge us of self, fleshly influences and attachments

Q: What are other words for refinement?
A: Tribulation, testing, drink from the cup (of wrath), purged in the fire, baptism

Q: What is the soul?
A: The result of when the breath(s) of life (spirit) joins with the body; your personality

Q: What are the components of the soul?
A: Your heart (emotions), mind (thoughts, intellect), and will (motivation)

Q: What is spirit?
A: The part of us alive in the heart and mind of God

Q: What are the breaths of life?
A: The living and speaking abilities from God

Q: What is “the Word of God”?
A: When God gives a person direct instruction and guidance

Q: Is the Bible the Word of God?
A: The Bible is a tool for this but it is not the word of God.

Q: Who is the Word?
A: God Almighty Himself; Jesus is the Word in flesh; the Holy Spirit, the Word delivered

Q: Does the Law still apply today?
A: Yes, physically and spiritually as He dictates

Q: How did judgment manifest?
A: Famine, pestilence, sword (war), captivity

Q: What is an idiom?
A: A combination of words that has a figurative meaning; slang

Q: What is a metaphor?
A: A comparison between two unrelated things, making one thing mean the other

Q: What is supernatural?
A: Above or beyond what is physical; how God operates

Q: What is discipleship?
A: The process of learning how to be in the world (existence), yet not of the world.

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