Catechize Time! Part One – Definitions

Q: Who is God?
A: The Creator of all things; our Father

Q: What is God?
A: The essence and totality of life; He is what spirit is

Q: Is God His name?
A: No, it is a title of divinity.

Q: What is God’s name?
A: YHWH; He has many names according to His authority and personality

Q: How does God manifest Himself?
A: Through His actions, His Word, and His personas, His Son and the Holy Spirit

Q: Who is His Son?
A: Jesus

Q: What does Jesus mean?
A: Hebrew Yeshua – God saves

Q: What are His titles?
A: Christ – the Anointed One, HaMashiach – the Messiah (Savior), the Word made flesh, Son of Man, Son of David

Q: What is the Holy Spirit?
A: Ruach HaKodesh – the set-apart spirit

Q: What does the Holy Spirit do?
A: He is the spirit of God that deals with the physical, our connection to the Father, and the deliverer of the Word

Q: What is holy?
A: Separation; set apart for God’s purposes

Q: What is righteousness?
A: The result of obeying God and holiness

Q: What is obedience?
A: Learning then doing the supernatural will of God

Q: What are works?
A: Things done that either please or displease God

Q: What is a commandment?
A: An instruction

Q: What is a statute?
A: A law that cannot be changed

Q: What is a precept?
A: A general rule of action

Q: What is an ordinance?
A: A law or judgment applicable for the time period

Q: What is the Law?
A: Torah – instruction, doctrine

Q: Why Torah?
A: A peek into the heart and mind of the Father

Q: What are the Ten Commandments?
A: A summary of the Law

Q: How are they applied?
A: The first four state how to treat God and the last six, each other.

Q: What is a covenant?
A: An agreement, marriage, contract, pact, testament

Q: What is “consecrate”?
A: To make holy for or dedicate to God

Q: What is a blessing?
A: God’s favor, protection or gift

Q: What is a curse?
A: An evil wish or oath, given or taken, as punishment for disobedience

Q: What is evil?
A: Good, twisted

Q: What other words mean evil?
A: Calamity, disaster, harm, wickedness

Q: What is sin?
A: To miss the mark; to go against God’s Law

Q: What other words mean sin?
A: Lawlessness, iniquity, transgression, wrongdoing, abomination

Q: What is backsliding?
A: To revert to sin

Q: What is unclean?
A: Whatever is common, forbidden, or impure for His use.

Q: What is profane?
A: To make something holy unholy; to deliberately do or say anything against God’s desire

Q: What is heresy?
A: An incorrect opinion

Q: What is apostasy?
A: To depart from God’s truth

Q: What is blasphemy?
A: To insult God; to lack reverence for Him

Q: What is a falsehood?
A: A lie

Q: What is “covet”?
A: To desire someone or something that does not belong to you

Q: What is “tempt”?
A: To try to get someone to do something wrong

Q: What is “confess”?
A: To agree with God

Q: What is “profess”?
A: To declare loyalty

Q: What is “witness”?
A: To tell the truth

Q: What is a sacrifice?
A: To give a life to spare another’s

Q: What sacrifice do we offer today?
A: The surrender of body, soul, and spirit for the Lord’s use

Q: What is an offering?
A: A sacrifice or gift given to God

Q: What is atonement?
A: A covering for sin

Q: What is faith (belief)?
A: Seeking God’s will and doing it; hope in His supernatural will; persistent surrender and obedience

Q: What does “name” mean?
A: Authority, power, cause, nature, character, reputation

Q: What is grace?
A: A covering to give us a chance to obey God; the period of refinement

Q: What is mercy?
A: Giving someone a chance to do good even though the person may not deserve it

Q: What is repentance?
A: To change your mind, your heart, your attitude towards God’s desire

Q: What is forgiveness?
A: Setting aside a wrong done against you

Q: What is humility (meekness)?
A: The complete absence of self in all we think, say, or do; caring about His (or another’s) opinion

Q: What is prayer?
A: Verbal submission to the will of God

Q: Why do we pray?
A: It is our most important tool for getting His will done

Q: What is intercession?
A: To speak to God on someone else’s behalf.

Q: What is a fast or fasting?
A: Going without food (or drink) for a certain period of time

Q: What is supplication?
A: A request

Q: What is worship?
A: Giving God what He wants

Q: How do we worship?
A: praying on our knees, bowed to the ground, or lying prostrate; praising, singing, obeying, submitting, prophesying, etc.

Q: What is praise?
A: Compliments to God

Q: How do we praise Him?
A: Telling Him and others about what He has done in His goodness; rejoicing to and about Him during good and bad times

Q: What is glory?
A: The totality (heaviness) of the holiness of Yah.

Q: How do we glorify God?
A: Honoring and celebrating God’s authority and nature

Q: What is thanksgivings?
A: Thanking Our Father for His role in our lives

Q: What is prophecy?
A: A word directly from God to you or others, usually a warning

Q: What is “prophesy”?
A: To speak what God tells you to speak

Q: What is “baptize”?
A: To immerse or sink; to stain or dye

Q: How are we baptized?
A: In water, spirit and fire

Q: Why are we baptized?
A: To become born again in Christ, purified, or given spiritual power

Q: What is “carnal”?
A: The physical world (existence); fleshly; the first heaven

Q: What is flesh?
A: The body and its influence over us; all of mankind

Q: What is a harlot?
A: A prostitute – someone who sells one’s body for money

Q: What is a Gentile?
A: A non-Jew

Q: What is a Jew?
A: Someone of the tribe of Judah; Judeans and Benjamites

Q: What is debt?
A: Something owed to someone else

Q: What are alms?
A: Things given to help the poor

Q: What is the Tabernacle?
A: The portable temple the ancient Israelites used

Q: What is a kinsman?
A: A blood relative

Q: What is idolatry?
A: To serve what you perceive with the senses, heart or mind

Q: What is lovingkindness?
A: The Father’s great, long-lasting patience towards us

Q: What is “reprove”?
A: To correct or criticize gently

Q: What is “reproach”?
A: To blame or discredit; disapproval

Q: What is “rejoice”?
A: Being cheerful and thankful for the Lord’s work

Q: What is heaven?
A: The spirit realm

Q: What is an angel?
A: God’s messenger, heavenly or human

Q: What are “hosts”?
A: An army

Q: What is a seal or mark?
A: A sign of approval or disapproval

Q: What is a parable?
A: A story told to teach a lesson

Q: What is a fable?
A: A myth that leads to a false teaching

Q: What is a proverb?
A: A wise and truthful saying

Q: What is a psalm?
A: A sacred song or hymn

Q: What is a miracle?
A: A supernatural act of God

Q: What is Sheol?
A: The grave

Q: What is death?
A: Removal of the spirit from the body; separation from God

Q: What is resurrection?
A: To return from death into a glorified body

Q: What does gospel mean?
A: Latin for the Greek word, evangel – good news or tale

Q: What does evangelize mean?
A: To spread God’s news of salvation

Q: What is an elder?
A: A pastor (shepherd), bishop, presbyter, overseer – caretaker of an assembly

Q: What is a deacon?
A: A servant, minister – one who serves God and His Body

Q: What is a priest?
A: One called to perform services for God

Q: What is an apostle?
A: One sent by God on a mission

Q: What does Zion mean?
A: Sunny

Q: What is desolation?
A: A wasteland, emptiness

Q: What is a cistern?
A: A well or pit

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