Surrendered in All Things?

Two people in a bible study were debating whether females should be allowed to collect offerings and pass out the bread and juice. I, being a stranger to the church system, said, “Why not fast and pray, asking the Lord what He wants done?”

The pastor replied that we have freedom in how we serve the Lord. I stopped myself from disagreeing verbally since I am a stranger in their midst. I am sure my frown spoke volume. That is like the finger telling the brain, “I will move without your input.” That is called an illness or injury…just like sin and disobedience are illnesses of the soul.

The Lord Himself trained me to seek Him in everything and showed me that very few seem to care about what He actually wants. Our Father is bored, lonely, and eager to express His power to those who surrender completely. Why not seek Him to learn to serve Him in every way?

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