Thought Splatters (Pop!)

To renew one’s mind: place everything you have ever learned and thought on His altar, step back and say, “Father, I call upon Your holy fire to burn up what is not of You.”

Some Protestants replaced Mary and the sacraments with the Bible, while others, with leadership and the gift of the Spirit. The overcomers have and will replace all of those with the Living Word, Jesus, via the Holy Spirit. See John 5:39-40.

If you feel the urge to weep during worship or prayer, let the tears fall. Yes, our Father has emotions and wants to share them with you.

Always keep in mind that we are all flawed vessels, but He still wants to fill and use us whenever He wishes.

I am starting to believe He uses our errors to anchor us here until He is finished with us.

Either the flesh or spirit subjects the soul to it. This is why it is imperative to seek His will at all times.

Do not be alarmed if you have to relearn how to pray by His guidance. Consider it an upgrade.

Islam was and remains a judgment by YHWH against Christendom because Christendom got too big for its britches. Our Father can end Islam at any time, so I don’t worry about it.

Why does YHWH cause revivals to happen? He is bored! Don’t you think He desires some say-so over how He is worshiped? FYI: No one cannot schedule or demand a true revival; He does not work by men’s appointments.

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