Thought Splatters (Dribble!)

Yahshua (Jesus) said that He was the door, the way, the truth, and the light. I trust Him (supernaturally) above all else to show me to the Father.

The three Cs of the human condition: conflict, comfort, and control, which are the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. The three Ds are distraction, denial, and deception.

The old saying is true: new level, new devil.

Greco-Roman Philosophy + Scripture = Christianity
Ancient Jewish Philosophy + Scripture = The Way (to the Father)

Focusing too much on the issues of the world can distract you from His purpose.

Praise, seeking, and prayer (in that order) daily are vital. Without these three, you are wasting your and His time.

Do you seek correction daily?

Do your prayers follow the example Yahshua set (the Lord’s Prayer)?

What is the spiritual atmosphere of your home? Do you worship Him there? Is He invited to come?

Your imagination—the last frontier for the adversary, the prince of the power of the air—was meant for worship as well. What do you feed it?

The love of money is the root of all evil because it makes you a slave due to your desire for what it can do. Money is merely a tool, a means of exchange, nothing more.

Being meek (mild, gentle) does not mean being a doormat that anyone can wipe their feet upon. There will be times He will have you exercise the authority He gave you and stand your ground.

A true spiritual marriage will involve serving Our Father as well as serving one another. Have you invited the Holy Spirit into your relationship in all things, including sex?

Children need their parents’ behavior to be as the parents want the children to be. What you do affects them, no matter if they know what you do or not.

How do you know you are praying and seeking enough? When you are doing them in your dreams.

The practical goal of our existence: those who love His Plan and Desire want an instrument in His hands.

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