Thought Splatters: (Kerplunk!)

We are all a heretic to somebody.

Which one is more important to Yah: the country or the ideas of the country? Take this to the Lord in prayer for the answer.

How often do we via the Holy Spirit perform “spiritual check-ups” on ourselves?

Upon us, Yahshua works from the outside in, while The Spirit works from the inside out.

I’m starting to believe His revelation is constantly flowing around us, but only a few choose to receive it. Like radio waves, Father broadcast His signals, and only a few antennae are picking it up. This would explain why people receive the same revelation, but from either the same or different perspectives.

Please, get your own revelation from Yah Our Father. Quit depending only on other humans, or your own logic. Yes, He can use them to reveal to you, but the main thing is to establish and then maintain your spiritual antennae so you can receive His Will in every way possible.

We do what Father wants to become what Father wants—to become a part of Him.

The Holocaust was a warning: outside of Yah, mankind will never overgrow its potential for brutality, its propensity for control by any means.

Look for reoccurring themes and symbols while studying Scripture, both the positive and negative versions of each one.

For some of us, teaching is learning; learning to teach is teaching to learn. Teaching is a form of sharing and gaining information.

Jesus had no bias against marriage, but Paul did. Hmm… was it because Paul saw the persecution increasing?

People who read and/or study Scripture can tell when someone they are talking to doesn’t.

Holiness is vertical, between you and The Father; righteousness is horizontal, between you and mankind. Only Yah Himself can measure one’s holiness; therefore, people can see only your righteousness.

I capitalize the O in phrases such as Our Father and Our Creator to include Yahshua and the Holy Spirit.

There is nothing holy or special about Latin. Aramaic, what Yahshua spoke, was the language from the Babylon captivity. Father chose Hebrew and Greek for His Written Word. Once you have studied those two languages, you will understand why.

Jesus said, “Go make disciples,” not, “Force your culture upon others,” or “Be the Holy Spirit to foreigners.” Thank Yah, some missionaries did figure this out.

Want to block the adversary from hearing your prayers? Praise the Lord! Praise Him and honor His Name (His Essence) more than you pray. That being can’t stand holiness, so praise and drive him away.

If you look for evil, you will surely find it. Look for His works instead and rejoice in them.

When you become aware of Yah’s work in your life, you will notice Biblical symbolism at play, like the prophets and apostles of old.

I don’t want to be a Christian; I want to be an Overcomer, as named in Revelation 1-2. Pagans in Antioch started the term Christian, not believers, as Peter pointed out.

I pray I complete all the Father had designated for me. May I also be blessed to fulfill things my ancestors had failed to do. Amen.

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