Thought Splatters: (Ping!)

Survival mode or instinct
Poverty spirit or mindset
Slave mentality
These are all the same condition the Lord wants man to overcome to become a part of Him.

Tares have no idea that they are tares. They look the same as wheat when young. Tares (darnel) grow straight up, while wheat curves downward as they mature. Wheat have been used as food for millennia; a handful of darnels is poisonous and can make one drowsy or drunk in small amounts.

Obedience is the first step. The next step: His Will becomes your desire.

Every sin we do contributes to the pollution of the atmosphere, giving the adversary increased power over all flesh. For example, if you engage in sex out of Yah’s order, you have contributed to the promotion of that sin spreading to others. Even though you may not have had children outside of marriage, your sexual activity does contribute to out-of-wedlock births. We are all spirit, which is why our souls can be influenced. This is why the Apostles repeatedly stressed imitating Christ. This is why Yahshua stressed watching what we say and do.

Anointings (ministries) get recycled, not souls.

To all who believe in the Pretribulation Rapture: What makes you think you are good enough to leave? How much fire, breaking, and cleansing have you allowed the Lord to do in you? Do you praise Him daily at least? Do you seek His Will and correction?

I have said this before, and it bears repeating: Father Yah has not stop revealing things either in the Scriptures or of Himself. You choose how deep you wish to go with Him. The only one stopping you is you. How much you care about the things of this existence is the problem.

Lazy people lie a lot. I have “lazy moments” and embrace them as rest periods. Sometimes boredom is a platform to the next move of Yah.

Yah can turn attacks from the adversary into good for His will to be accomplished. Are you opened to that?

Praise is returning to the Father everything He has given us: love, life, breath, words that enrich, joy, patience, etc. Please praise and honor Him before making your requests.

I feel like I am to keep people encouraged in the faith rather than evangelizing. Lord, is this true?

The Lord revealed to me the word hupotassó should have been translated support (not submit or subject) as in soldiers supporting their commanding officers, while the commanding officers gives to their soldiers what they need in order to support the objective. Supporting someone is a choice; not an imperative, or it will not be true. We serve a Creator Who wants us to choose Him and His Will, not out of obligation, but love. We should want that for others as well.

To connect and influence others, we must humble ourselves. Phrase things in a way that gives the other person the upper hand, to make the person feel his or her words or presence is valuable to you.

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