Thought Splatters – Ploosh!

Have you blessed those–known and unknown–who have blessed you, who have said prayers over you?

May the Father bless those who always have Him in their mouths, who talk as though He is always present and a part of their lives.

Do believers understand because Yah is holy (separate from us unto His own self), we are an irritant? This adds yet another level for the importance of Yahshua’s blood, shed for our sakes.

The Lord has me praying for people who don’t care about me. Anybody else saddled with this burden?

Influence + distraction = deception. Who or what is either influencing or distracting you?

What if the sacrifices were to not only cover sin, but the stench caused by sin, transgressions, and iniquities? That would explain the “pleasing aroma” part. I guess burning flesh smells better than a million sinners?

The most basic thing one can do to fight the adversary: do what Yah told you to do. After that habit is established, then you can rebuke and cast out demons. Yahshua set the example, by the way.

For those who doubt the divinity of Yahshua, think carefully: Who else but YHWH, in the flesh, could be pure and potent enough to produce blood that covers all sin – past, present, and future?

Even if you feel your prayers for others are ineffective, keep interceding, seeing it as an irritant to the adversary and his minions.

Fight negativity by blessing others, whether they are righteous or not, and be sincere.

We need to act as though we are being tested and tried everyday, all day. This is practicing the fear of the Lord.

Meekness, gentleness, mercy, grace = power under control

Torah was to make the Israelites conscientious of their actions as they transitioned from a slavery/poverty mindset to one dedicated to Yah’s order, will, purpose, and desire over time. Whether or not we see it, Torah did have a lasting effect over us all and helped mankind to grow.

YHWH, the breath of lives. Whenever we pray, sing, praise, speak about Him, and declare thanksgiving and His victory, we are giving back a portion of the breath, the life He has given us.

He took out His wrath on His Son – He satisfied His need to destroy the corrupted Earth/universe upon Himself. This is why we must humble ourselves.


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1 Response to Thought Splatters – Ploosh!

  1. Lewis Turner says:

    I am grateful for Yahshua’s blood on my behalf. It covers all sin and gives me the power to fight against the adversary.
    Lewis Turner


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