Thought Splatters (Drip-Drop!)

Without prayer and worship, reading the Bible is no better than analyzing a piece of literature and that is subjective.

One day you realize that we no longer need symbols, but we, in the Body of Messiah, become His symbols to the rest of the world. See Matthew 5:13-16, 2 Corinthians 5:20.

Many things that either happen to us or that we do are symbolic of something Yah wants us to see. Do we have the ability to discern them properly?

What is translated “religion” in the English Bibles actually should say either “superstition,” “worship” or “service to God.”

The Strong’s Concordance was created to help people find the Hebrew and Greek words in the King James Bible, not as a word study book alone. Books showing the etymology and variations (such as verb tense) of words are still required. Also, the ancients spoke in idioms and metaphors like we do today, so the meaning of phrases have to be sought out as well. Thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Going to church is pointless for children if parents do not worship the Father with them in a family setting, preferably daily.

People recite, “Thy will be done,” but who actively seeks his supernatural will and does it?

In the Greek, sozo means both “to save (rescue from danger)” and “to heal.”

Why should the world take us seriously when the Body is not walking in His supernatural power?

It took three-and-a-half years for Jesus to train His future apostles. If adult believers still have to learn about sin, repentance, and/or submission to Yah’s desires beyond four years, then the Holy Spirit has not baptized them yet.

Quit limiting God! He works as He chooses to in whomever He chooses, even non-believers.

Minister to the Lord before you minister to others, or you will get caught up in your own self-righteousness.

The world is sick and getting sicker. Why? The Body of Yeshua is sick and getting sicker. Until the so-called church understands this judgment and persecution are the only rewards.

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