Addendum to “Who Is This Rock”?

Last year I posted Puzzling Passages Made Plain: Part 2 – Who Is “This Rock”? and thought the matter had been settled. Well, the Father was not settled on the issue and some new information came to light.

Christ did not say, “It’s on you, Peter, that I will build my church…”

He said: “It is on THIS rock that I will build my church.”

What the word THIS means is the key. He was referring to Peter’s statement as to Who He was—the Messiah. It had never been said by any disciple before.

The whole conversation He had with His disciples was about two questions he asked all of them: “Who do men say I am?” vs. “Who do YOU say I am?” Everyone spoke on the first part, but Peter was the only one that actually spoke on the second.

The THIS statement from the Father through Peter is the stone of truth (THE ROCK FOR THE CHURCH’S FOUNDATION).

This is also the first demonstration of how Yah should operate through us…just like He did Peter (which is Hebrew for firstling).

Peter understood the meaning very well when he described the Ecclesia as “lively (alive in Christ) little stones (as he was and we are today, giving Yah’s nuggets of truth like Christ did, showing Christ within us).”

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