A YHWH-Filled Morning

About a week ago, the spouse had a dream. He took a math test and received a D+. Math (his spiritual life) was a subject he hated in school (doctrine) due to crappy teachers (church and religion). This was the reason (fruit) for his low, yet not failing, grade (the extent of his operation in the spirit) When I told him the meaning, he grumbled about not hearing from God and wanting to follow concrete instruction like he had received in the military—an old complaint.

Jump in time to this very early morn. The spouse had had a dream that stuck in his mind. He was inside a large, beautiful church with a bare smattering of people in the pews. It was impressed upon him that he was there to get instruction on what to do.

The interpretation popped into my head: the spouse’s fixation on the tangible is interfering with his spirit taking control. The church symbolized his mind and heart—his soul. His inside (the inner man, Christ within you) is ready for use, but very little spiritually is happening (the few in the pews). The Lord wants to give the spouse instruction if the spouse approaches Him the right way.

This led to a discussion on the template of worship being found in the rituals and other works of the Levitical priesthood. I also reminded him that the Lord’s Prayer was another pattern that we all should use when we submit verbally (or mentally) to Him. He reluctantly agreed and told me to write it down, since he was falling back to sleep.

Lying in bed, I pondered about God’s will and desire, saying aloud twice, “God’s will and desire will be done,” for some unknown reason. I dozed off and had a weird, short dream. A huge, dark dot for a head was wearing a v-neck shirt. It was doing something with its hands, so the dream zoomed in on that. It was coloring its paper-white hands and fingers with a dark brown marker.

I woke up wonder what that dream meant. After returning to pondering about the Lord, I napped out again. In this one, I thought I was making coffee in the spouse’s coffeemaker. I took the large cup and poured it into my gallon pitcher, full of black tea. I realized I was actually making iced tea and then woke up. The simple meaning of both dreams hit me a minute later: the Father gave me a job to do (write this blog entry, some stray thoughts in another file, and a rough draft of “A Template for Worship” for the spouse) therefore get on it. Message received and amen.

I had meant to write it all at once, but the internet called out to me. In the time wasted, I could have written both in no time. The Father interceded by freezing my computer. He is so funny; I love that about Him…LOL!

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