The Biblical Symbolism of Male and Female

From the Wikipedia article: Names of God, also see Names of God in Judaism:

“A common title of God in the Hebrew Bible is Elohim (Hebrew: אלהים), as opposed to other titles of God in Judaism. The root Eloah אלה is a feminine noun, meaning goddess, also used in poetry and late prose (e.g., the Book of Job) and ending with the masculine plural suffix “-im” ים creating a word that indicates a plurality of both masculine and feminine essences, yet in a singular identity.”

The female symbolizes the soul (the operations of the heart and mind) and instruction:

motherhood=delivering good instruction
virgin or young woman=accepting good instruction
daughter=had been given good instruction
harlot=accepting bad instruction (heresy or idolatry)
adulteress=falling away from good instruction (apostasy)

The male symbolizes the spirit (what Yah operates through) and government (guidance):

fatherhood=delivering good guidance
young man=accepting good guidance
son or child=had been given good guidance
king=good guidance
beast=bad guidance
idolater, fornicator, or whoremonger=accepting or delivering bad guidance
leaven=influence, good or bad

The symbolism of Genesis 2:24 –the marriage covenant between a man and woman, between Y’shua and His Ecclesia–now becomes clearer. This is why fornication and homosexuality disgusts Yah; both distort His established order in the spirit realm (heaven), which, in turn, distorts the actions on the physical plane (earth).

What fornication has those who profess Christ committed? Submission to the tangible: what one experiences in the physical. Surrendering to what the world declares as good or evil instead of seeking Yah’s knowledge is sleeping with other lovers (authorities not ordained for you by God). One can even argue bestiality is politics, or the belief that man-led government is supposed to solve all problems.

How does homosexuality appear on the spiritual tip? Disobedience to the rules of discipleship (Matthew 16:24, Matthew 10:38, Luke 9:23, Mark 8:34, Mark 10:21, Luke 14:2627) causes a focus on self and what one thinks God wants (self-love, self-righteousness, selflessness for the praises of men). If we are to become like Christ, why worry about self-esteem? If we are to lay up treasures in heaven (in spirit), then why worry about money or power? If we are to be spirit-led, then why worry about religions, governments or corporations? If we are called to lay down our lives for the Evangel and the Body, then why worry about what men think? If we are called to love, then why not ask Him how we are to do that?

We cannot continue to simply focus on what is wrong with the world unless we, the Body, examine and clean up what is wrong in us. Throughout the Bible, we see Yah separating out a remnant of true believers over and over again. Given the state of the world and the lack of change in the churches, this is happening right now. Choose who you will serve and, as always, do not believe a word I or anyone says; seek the Lord for His truth and stay seeking. Amen.

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