Thought Splatters (Plop!)

If you only want to hear the truth from the male sex then you will miss half the Word. YHWH split His attributes (nature) into two beings like Himself. Quit focusing on the physical and realize everyone is used to advance His Kingdom.

Every believer has moments of backsliding, whether or not it appears in the physical. Your soul involves the mind and what you imagine. Impure images and ideas can ruin the vessel He needs to operate through, so get clean (ask for forgiveness and cleansing) before approaching your King.

Contrary to popular belief, Torah still applies, but how it applies has changed. If Torah changes, then what is sin changes. Remember Jesus said He fulfilled Torah, not destroyed it. To fulfill in Matthew 5:17 means the completion of the will of God–Torah in the heart (soul), which causes the Spirit of Y’shua to reign in our bodies.

Why is the sexual union such a powerful influence in our lives? Since we are made in the image (nature, attributes) of God, reproduction is the only way we are able to create life similar to what He does. To distort this power turns people into beasts (ruled by the desire of the flesh).

The word heaven actually represents the spirit world in Scripture, therefore, what believers do in the physical, affects the spiritual. See Matthew 16:19, Matthew 18:18, Matthew 18:19, Matthew 21:25, John 20:23. So the phrase “…seek the things above where the Christ is…” (Colossians 3:1) means “seek operation in the spirit realm.”

The Bible’s definition of perfect does not mean flawless; it means mature or fully developed. When Paul wrote (literally) “…out from faith to faith, according to what has been written…” (Romans 1:17), it meant the increasing maturity into Christ’s righteous image and obsession with His Father’s desire.

Sorry to say this but God does not care about our opinions or desires outside of His. To become like His Son, we must adopt His desires and opinions (given in the spirit).

Being a good, little boy or girl does not guarantee salvation or blessings if we are operating outside of the ministry He assigned to you before you were created. Find out from Him what He actually wants always.

Persistence + consistence = diligence

Proper guidance + proper instruction ≈ proper understanding. An approximation symbol has to be used because we can see, hear, and do, but still not understand.

The enemy only goes after those truly doing the faith (obedient to His voice).

I do not care if people accept what I say or my opinion. My joy comes from making people think, going to Yah for clarification, and observing His work in them…and me.

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