Unnerving, scary, pagan, New Age, uncontrollable, pointless, not for today… These are some of the negative opinions surrounding the supernatural. Why? The spiritual is supernatural and cannot be quantified. It is not an abstract idea, for example happy or angry, for who gets to define what constitutes either happy or angry? Due to the Tree of Knowledge’s fruit polluting human DNA, mankind believes they can operate outside of the Catalysis of Creation, or deny His existence since the senses cannot behold Him on a measurable, consistent basis.

A paradox appears among the believers of Yah. They want His supernatural intervention during times of distress, but either reject or ignore the other aspect of the spiritual clearly listed in Scripture. For example, some believe that the Gifts of the Spirit were only for the time of the Apostles, but still request prayers for the sick or troubled. Some believe in supernatural events, but whether those events serve Yah and His Body are questionable. Others believe we need special humans and dead saints to intervene on our behalf. Even among those who accept the supernatural, there is debate to whether, or not, either the adversary or demons are real or myths to keep people in check. Everyone missed the entire point of the Word (the Bible and Yah Himself): supernatural guidance. As Yahshua said, “God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:24) Without seeking, following, and trusting the Almighty on that level, we will not grow spiritually. We must get to know Him, Spirit-to-spirit.

For those who have taken that leap of faith to embrace the extraordinary Will of Yah, the adjustment is not simple. There is a reason the Heavenly messengers had to say, “Fear not.” People operate through the soul and senses the vast majority of the time; anything out of the ordinary can give someone a shock. Yahshua spent over 3 years training His disciples, preparing them to become vessels for Yah’s power and authority to flow through them. Some have been fortunate to go through this as children, since they accept things easier than wary, life-scarred adults. However the transition happens, Yah is patient and understands we need time to deal with Him directly.

Backpedaling (not to be confused with backsliding – rejecting Yah’s Will over time) is when a believer takes a step or two backwards on the path due to fear, doubt, or comfort level. It is not rebellion or sin, just a short time of difficulty. Dealing with the supernatural can cause this, and there are examples in the Scriptures to let believers know others have had trouble adjusting.

Moses at the Burning Bush – Exodus 3, 4:1-17 Moses tried to decline the mission Yah gave him due to feeling unworthy.

Barak’s Lack of Trust – Judges 4:1-24 Barak refused to go off to war without the prophetess Deborah at his side. She went, but announced that the glory for killing the Canaanite commander Sisera would go to a woman. Back then, it was a dishonor for a man to be killed by a woman or to let her have the honor of destroying an enemy (Judges 9:53-54).

Gideon’s Tests – Judges 6:11-40 Distrust, disappointment, and despair influenced Gideon’s decision to test the Lord. He survived the idolaters’ wrath after he had burned their pillars of worship, but he still asked Yah to perform one more task to see if His Word was true.

Manoah’s Distress – Judges 13:1-23 Samson’s father feared death because he and his wife had seen Yah, but she reminded him that the Lord had accepted their offerings and had a job for them to do.

Jeremiah Quits – Jeremiah 20:7-9 Weary of his horrible treatment by his own people, Jeremiah had wanted to stop proclaiming the warnings Yah had for them.

Paul Confronts Peter – Galatians 2:11-13 Peter ate with the Gentiles until some Jews James had sent showed up. He and the Jews in his group, including Barnabas, shunned the Gentiles as a result. Paul criticized Peter’s hypocrisy.

I can relate to Manoah a little. On two occasions, Yahshua tried to approach me, but I freaked out and disengaged from worshiping. I still kick myself for doing that.

A few years ago, supernatural things started to happen around me and through others close to me. I could not handle it and stepped back a bit. Yah, in His Wisdom and determination, decided to shake out any discomfort and fear I had by tossing me into the midst of serious spiritual warfare. Oh, what fun that was…

If you are planning to draw closer to Yah, brace yourself and ask Him for His Wisdom and strength to endure. You will adapt.

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