Thought Splatters (Zoom!)

The closer you get to the Father; the weirder life will get. If you don’t believe me, read about backpedaling.

When going through an ordeal, patience and trust in His Perfect Will are required. This Assumes you are seeking Him on a daily basis and know His voice (all the different ways He “speaks” to us).

Fire – The Father destroying anything not of Him, cleansing impurities, preparation for starting over again. Notice: all of the things that made the Israelites impure will not be an issue in heaven.

Water – The Word Most Holy flowing around us, through us, and dwelling within (blood, life). Cleansing the aftermath of His fire. Washing off this world’s influence. Refreshing (cold water) and restorative (hot water).

Air – The Spirit that deals with us in our fallen state. Our connection with the Father. The spark of life that passes from parents to child, from the Father to our lungs, for He is the Breath of Lives. The anointing (bestowed power, authority) that revives us into a new life in Him.

Earth – Our crucible of refinement (proving grounds). The nature of the flesh, corrupted, yet operating in His order to sustain our lives. Nature obeys His order and will. His footstool. His symbol of human interaction in this plane of existence (the land needing Sabbath rests).

Sun, moon, stars – His time clock for us. His order on display in the sky. The precursor of His Son’s rule for He will be our light and we, His stars, reflecting His light.

Humans – A creation from a creation in which He breathed into life (spirit). His idols (images) on the Earth who symbolize Him in two parts: male and female. The most unclean flesh, yet covered by Yahshua’s blood (life, sacrifice) to keep from being destroyed or ignored.

Holy – Set apart by nature. Father does not like separation but endures for our sakes. Separate the pure (things and actions of Him) from the impure (profane, common). To be vulnerable (open-hearted). Our relationship with Him. His Son’s blood continuously covering our sins. Grace.

Righteousness – To take risks in His Will. Loving-kindness (patience) is an action. Humility (caring about what Yah thinks and acting accordingly). Mercy. Repentance (turning away from sin).

What is the point of all of this? Unlike the angels and other entities who rebelled, we go through refinement to confirm we actually want to be a part of Him. He is not going to trust His spiritual power and authority to rule with His Son to just anyone.

I am looking for a list of Greek Bible verses (Septuagint and NT) that use the aorist verb tense, which means “something that has happened and will continue to happen.” If anyone knows of one, please give me the link or document. Thanks in advance.

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