Yah’s Flow: Fire

Lord of All, You are continuous fire, for You demand holiness (air, spirit) in order for a being (fuel) to survive Your Presence (ignition, combustion).

Your fire, the trials and troubles of this life, guides us to You (lamp, light) and shapes us (refinement, purification) as we choose to serve You.

Your fire demands cleansing of our impurities, including the sacrifice of Your Son most brutal to save us. His baptism of fire, His cup of suffering, should have been ours.

Your fire consumes unrighteous ones to help His creation to stay functional for Your will to flourish, despite the corruption on Earth.

Your fire gives warmth (assurance) to those who seek You and see Your works.

Your fire is Your Light which burns within and on the faithful to shine into the dark corners of the world, a beacon to those seeking the Truth Who is the Person of Persons.

Your fire melts sin so the dross can be scraped off by the Rock of Your Word.

Your fire turns the influence of this world to ashes so the water of Your Word can wash it away.

We no longer stare after the fruit of the Tree of Life through the fiery weapon and wonder if we have to walk through it, for Christ is here and gave of Himself to hand us that fruit.


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